Avatar Charters
Sailing the planet since 2007...


Avatar Charters was founded with the idea of providing charter sailing services for the west coast of Mexico and the Caribbean.  Charters are offered with both extreme luxury and functionality in mind. 

Two distinct styles of sailing charters are offered:  Luxury Sailing Tours and Surfing Tours.

Luxury Sailing Tours:
Imagine your family and friends sipping a margarita on deck, listening to the soft sounds of tropical music...  unwinding from a hard day of kayaking, snorkeling, fishing or napping.  Massage and yoga services are provided daily.  For once, absolutely everyone smiles at you, because you found the perfect vacation, like they say, "It's good to be king".

Several appetizers magically appear while the chef prepares the catch of the day, pours fine wines and makes sure you and your guests have absolutely everything that they need.   As the sun goes down and millions of stars come out, you realize that it just doesn't get any better than this.  You can sip a brandy and even smoke a fine Cuban cigar without having to worry about bothering the people sitting at the next table...  Your private stateroom is outfitted with fresh sheets daily and a private bathroom, including a hot fresh water shower.

Surfing Tours:
Surfing tours are arranged to meet the varied needs of surfers who want to travel to the best surf breaks, many of which can not be reached except by boat, without the limitations of land travel.  Services include a daily loaf of bread, two cans of beans and two warm beers (reasonably priced can and bottle openers available). 



Your Congenial Host, Dr. Sunday Myers





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