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Curator of Casa Deliscioso

San José del Cabo, Baja California Sur, Mexico
Permanent Position  -  Immediate Opening

Definition and Nature of the Work

Curator will be responsible for choosing and acquiring the pieces of art to be shown in Casa Deliscioso, a world famous multi-cultural facility located in San José del Cabo, Mexico.  Curator shall decide how the pieces should be displayed and the order in which they appear.  Curator will select works for permanent display as well as works for special temporary or traveling exhibitions. Curator will organize varied educational and public outreach programs such as sporting events, culinary expositions and tours, workshops, and lecture activities.  Successful applicant will assist in formulating and interpreting administrative policies of Casa Deliscioso along with overseeing curatorial, personnel, fiscal, technical, culinary research, clerical and support staff.  Curator will hire, manage and coordinate workers engaged in the daily operation of Casa Deliscioso.  Due to the sensitive nature of this opportunity, this offering is exclusively directed to single, unencumbered females between the ages of 19 and 41 years.

Working Conditions

The Curator of Casa Deliscioso is a full-time, live-in position, involving extensive evening and weekend work as well as some travel. The work can be somewhat stressful due to the time constraints of scheduled projects intermixed with “rush” or “emergency” situations. Successful applicant will enjoy a variety of unusual ancillary situations involving exceptional personalities, cultures and cuisines.  Curator must be knowledgeable, thorough, well organized, limber, flexible and adept at dealing with difficult and fascinating people of varied cultures and languages.  Although there is no set uniform for this position, applicant must demonstrate a unique ability to successfully display a varied professional wardrobe ranging from black-tie formal to a completely relaxed lack of attire.

Education and Training Requirements

The Curator position at Casa Deliscioso requires a specialized master's or doctoral degree, however, a demonstrated ability to adapt to the pressures and personalities within the confines of Casa Deliscioso may account for the majority of educational experience while she completes her education.  All applicants should be familiar with the use, care and operation of various forms of marketing, transportation, photography, culinary arts, computer word processing and graphics, advanced interpersonal activities and pubic relations.  A curiosity for wild educational experiences is a requirement.

Compensation and Benefits

Curator’s salary and benefit package will be entirely dependent on successful applicant’s previous experience and abilities.  Minimum package will include a generous per diem, a corporate vehicle, comfortable housing and unique companionship opportunities. Future advancement is achievable.

Transmission of curriculum vitae or requests for additional information
should be sent with complete confidence in PDF format to:  jimster@jimster.net