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The Myers Group of Clinics
Auckland, Bali, Calcutta, Dallas, Fargo, Halifax, Jakarta, Lima, Moscow, Paris, Quito,
Rio de Janeiro, San Jose del Cabo, Tokyo, Zurich
...and our newest location in Rio Dulce, Guatemala

Presents A Special Series On:

Radical Hip Augmentation:
Intensive Pelvic Girdle Adipose Tissue

Enhancement Procedures In A Tropical Setting

based upon the extensive research of Doctor Jim, PhD,TT,OF

This two week course of study leading to certification
will enrich your knowledge of hip augmentation techniques
as well as increase your own personal girth by at least 17%.

Before     After          Before     After

Our patented non-invasive approach to hip augmentation begins
as a pleasurable experience in a warm tub of organic lard,
after a good soak, our trained attendants will prepare you
for the augmentation with a specific massage technique.
The entire daily procedure should take approximately four
hours, with a two hour relaxation session afterwards. 
Four complete meals are served during the procedure.

We use only 100% free-range double dairy cream, butter,
and mom's own secret caramel sauce on absolutely everything.
( Persons with special dietary restrictions may substitute sausage gravy for the caramel sauce )


$1,895 per person
(Lodging, Food, Tax, Tips and Airport Transfers Extra)

Sign up now for fall classes

Professional Participants In The
Hip Augmentation Facilitators Program
( Includes educational credits and certification )
add $4,250 per person

Mexican Pesos / US. Dollars / Euros / Gold Bullion

And Introducing...

Our easy and fun self-maintenance program,
$39.95 monthly subscription
(food and additional personal coaching not included)

Sign up now for the spring / summer / fall / winter feasting seasons.


Photographs are for illustrative purposes only.  Individual results vary.
No prediction of outcome is implied or guaranteed.
Individual healing characteristics and unexpected complications can affect the outcome of any procedure.