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"We promise to do it right the first time, or you will pay us to do it all over again..."
  Row Glow

Jimster.net  offers custom website hosting, graphic design
and custom email services to local businesses in the Los Cabos area. 



Our privately owned physical server
is co-located in Houston, Texas.

Dual Genuine Intel 1.86ghz processors, 4gb RAM,
4 SCSI 250gb Hard Drives in a Mirrored RAID configuration. 
We run Linux 2.6.9-67.0.22.ELsmp #1 GNU/Linux

In addition, all sites are backed up to a
secondary server at the processing center twice daily
and to an offsite server complex on a daily basis. 
All client sites are also maintained at our offices.  
Our Email server is configured for ease of use
and maximum safety for client files and data.

The processing center has multiple redundant internet
backbone connections as well as dual secondary emergency
fiber optic service connections to Kansas City, Missouri.

The best reason for hosting your business
 web presence with Jimster.net
is that we are right here with you... 

Any and all problems are solved
locally, quickly and effectively.

Please contact Dr. Jim for further information.







Dr. Jim designs and formats
the following:

Interactive Websites
Web Commerce Portals
along with
Business Forms
Restaurant Menus
Print Media Advertising
Custom Map Design
Interior or POS Signage
Large Scale Advertising Banners


We also install, configure and maintain

TELMEX Infinitum DSL Systems

Dish Network Satellite Systems

Logitech Harmony Remote Controls

Adello Point Of Sale Restaurant Management

Panasonic Business Telephone Systems

...and many other types of
business and home
electronic equipment, just ask...