Ice Age Three: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs
Blue Sky Studios (2009)
Action, Animation, Comedy
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IMDB   7.0
94 mins USA / English
DVD  Region 1
Simon Pegg Buck
Seann William Scott Crash
Denis Leary Diego
John Leguizamo Sid
Josh Peck Eddie
Queen Latifah Ellie
Ray Romano Manny
Joey King Beaver / Molehog
Atticus Shaffer Animal Boy
Chris Wedge Scrat
Eunice Cho Diatryma Girl
Karen Disher Scratte
Harrison Fahn Glypto Boy
Maile Flanagan Aardvark Mom
Jason Fricchione Adult Molehog Male
Bill Hader Gazelle
Kelly Keaton Molehog Mom / Shovelmouth Mom
Allegra Leguizamo Aardvark Girl
Clea Lewis Start Mom
Jane Lynch Diatryma Mom
Lucas Leguizamo Aardvark Boy/Beaver Kid #2
Carlos Saldanha
Mike Thurmeier
Producer Lori Forte
John C. Donkin
Writer Michael Berg
Peter Ackerman

Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs is the third move in the popular Ice Age franchise. Picking up up where the second movie left off, Manny (Ray Romano) and Eliie (Queen Latifah) have settled down, and are ready to start a family. This new focus on family over friends leaves Manny’s companions Sid the Sloth (John Leguizamo) and Diego the tiger (Dennis Leary) to feel neglected and unappreciated. When he stumbles upon a cache of dinosaur eggs, Sid decides to raise them as his own. Matters are complicated, however, when the rightful mother of the eggs appears, looking for her offspring. Sid is taken deep underground to the dinosaurs lair, and his friends must rescue him. They are joined by a new character, a swashbuckling weasel named Buck (Simon Pegg). Scratch the squirrel (Chris Wedge) also returns, this time, meeting his match in his quest for acorns.
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