Focus Features (2009)
Adventure, Animation, Fantasy
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IMDB   7.0
79 mins USA / English
DVD  Region 1
Elijah Wood 9
John C. Reilly 5
Jennifer Connelly 7
Crispin Glover 6
Martin Landau 2
Christopher Plummer 1
Fred Tatasciore 8
Helen Wilson Radio Announcer
Alan Oppenheimer The Scientist
Tom Kane Dictator
Shane Acker
Producer Tim Burton
Timur Bekmambetov
Jim Lemley
Jinko Gotoh
Writer Pamela Pettler
Ben Gluck
Shane Acker
Musician Deborah Lurie

During a period of economic decline, the government of a totalitarian state commissions scientists to research ways for the nation to prosper. One scientist develops an artificially intelligent brain, but before it can be properly tested, it is taken away by the government to build the Fabrication Machine, which is used to provide labor for the people and creates machines for war. Eventually the Fabrication Machine snaps under pressure and turns against humanity, programming its machines to eradicate all forms of life. The scientist later creates a set of nine numbered ragdoll-like "stitchpunks," hoping they will preserve humanity's legacy and allow life to continue. He brings them to life by transferring his soul into each of them through a mysterious talisman object, and dies as soon as he gives life to the final stitchpunk, numbered "9."
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No. of Disks/Tapes 1