Inside / Outside - Billabong
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52 mins USA / English
DVD  Region 1
Talon Clemow
Producer Talon Clemow

Inside/Outside takes place during and around the 2008 WTC Billabong Pro Tahiti event (ASP Men’s World Tour). There’s a lot of focus on the trials, where the surf was much bigger and the majority of Billabong’s team was surfing. I have to say the trials had some of the biggest Teahupoo ever paddled into.

There are clips between each section with interview questions for the top surfers. A lot of classic stuff is said, my favorite is Bruce describing how it turns into a wave contest out there when it’s small, “Pretty much everyone on tour can ride the barrel, come out, do their little wig-wig thing (makes wiggle-wiggle hand gesture)”.

The movie isn’t all Teahupoo, there are a lot of free surf sessions around the island. Laurie Towner, Wade Goodall, Dean Bowan, and Tamaroa McComb really tear it up.

There’s also a nice section of Parko, Donavon, and Bruce boating out for a secret spot mission. Great footage of them trying to help Parko start the outboard motor and then lots of good water shots from the wave they surf.
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Release Date 2008
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