Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs
Sony Pictures (9/15/2009)
Animation, Family
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IMDB   7.0
90 mins USA / English
DVD  Region 1
Bill Hader Flint Lockwood
Anna Faris Sam Sparks
James Caan Tim Lockwood
Andy Samberg Brent
Bruce Campbell Mayor Shelbourne
Mr. T Earl Devereaux
Bobb'e J. Thompson Cal Deveraux
Benjamin Bratt Manny
Neil Patrick Harris Steve
Al Roker Patrick Patrickson
Lauren Graham Fran Lockwood
Will Forte Joe Towne
Max Neuwirth Young Flint
Peter Siragusa Rufus
Angela Shelton Regina Devereaux
Neil Flynn Weather News Network Producer
Chris Miller
Phil Lord
Producer Pam Marsden
Lydia Bottegoni
Chris Juen
Yair Landau
Writer Chris Miller
Phil Lord
Judi Barrett
Ron Barrett
Musician Mark Mothersbaugh

Flint Lockwood has been an inventor ever since he was a kid, but most of his inventions have been failures.He has made a walking television set, a lotion that can give you hair, and rat birds, which I claim to be rats and birds combined together.It then hits him.The whole town has been forced to eat nothing but sardines.Of course, nobody in the town of Swallow Falls enjoy sardines.There's also a heading in the newspaper that says sardines are gross.What if Flint can fix all of that? What if he can invent a machine that converts water into food? Well, he tries it and it actually works.Soon, everyone in Swallow Falls love Flint's invention.What's even better is that it will give you any food you want.Pizza, french fries, mashed potatoes, jello, ice cream, bacon, cheeseburgers, eggs, cheese, steak, olives, toast, donuts, and so on.Unfortantly for Swallow Falls, things get much worse.The food starts to get bigger and causes the town and everyone else in the world nothing but destruction and chaos.It's now up to Flint to save the day from what may be a food apocalypse.
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Release Date 9/16/2009
No. of Disks/Tapes 1