It's Complicated
Universal (12/25/2009)
Comedy, Romance
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IMDB   6.5
118 mins USA / English
DVD  Region 1
Meryl Streep Jane
John Krasinski Harley
Alec Baldwin Jake
Steve Martin Adam
Rita Wilson Trisha
Daryl Sabara Edward
Hunter Parrish Luke
Lake Bell Agness
Zoe Kazan Gabby Adler
Mary Kay Place Joanne
Alexandra Wentworth Diane
Caitlin Fitzgerald Lauren
Emjay Anthony Pedro
Nora Dunn Sally
Bruce Altman Ted
Robert Curtis Brown Peter
James Patrick Stuart Dr. Moss
Peter Mackenzie Dr. Allen
Pat Finn Hotel Doctor
Nancy Meyers
Producer Nancy Meyers
Scott Rudin
Ilona Herzberg
Writer Nancy Meyers
Cinematography John Toll
Musician Heitor Pereira

Jane (Meryl Streep) is doing well, but is middle-aged and divorced for many years. She accidentally reconnects with her re-married, lawyer ex-husband, Jake (Alec Baldwin), and they are suprised to find themselves in an affair. Of course, Jane also meets Adam (Steve Martin), her architect, who is also the first man who has shown genuine interest in her. But Adam is crushed when he discovers Jane is seeing Jake again. And Jake is devastated when in one day he finds himself unhappy with his young new wife Agness (Lake Bell), and rejected by Jane. The grown children are strangely shocked and angry about what is happening between their parents, but want them to be happy. Jane resolves to do what is right for her, and to go forward with her life.
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Release Date 12/25/2009
No. of Disks/Tapes 1

Well, I'd start by saying that the film is light, airy, quirky, funny, enjoyable and poignant. I could relate to some of the story because these situations have happened to me. It was easy to understand the complications of the interpersonal relationships.

The movie isn't brilliant and some of the material really wasn't funny or new. In fact,some of it feels like recycled material from other films. A little of this, a little of that. But then the film turns a corner and suddenly you are enjoying what you are seeing even though it didn't take all this talent to make it all happen. Honestly, Streep and Martin are wasted here. Steve Martin has done this stuff before and Meryl Streep has done better films. But, you can't hate this movie either. You want things to work out for Meryl either way. With either guy. And you sort of want everyone to be happy. Nothing is wrapped up conveniently so the scene can end. It's all up in the air and that is how relationships can be.

So, don't expect a brilliant new comedy. It sort of feels like a perfectly worn in pair of old slippers.