Crazy Heart
20th Century Fox (2009)
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IMDB   7.3
111 mins USA / English
DVD  Region 1
Colin Farrell Tommy Sweet
Maggie Gyllenhaal Jean Craddock
Jeff Bridges Bad Blake
Robert Duvall Wayne Kramer
Beth Grant JoAnne
Sarah Jane Morris Marissa Reynolds
Luce Rains Motel Manager
Tom Bower Bill Wilson
Annie Corley Donna
Rick Dial Wesley Barnes
James Keane Manager
Anna Felix Barmaid
Paul Herman Jack Greene
Ryan Bingham Tony
Debrianna Mansini Ann
Jerry Handy Cowboy
Jack Nation Buddy Craddock
Ryil Adamson Ralphie
J. Michael Oliva Bear
David Manzanares Nick
Scott Cooper
Producer Robert Duvall
Rob Carliner
Michael A. Simpson
Judy Cairo
Writer Scott Cooper
Thomas Cobb
Cinematography Barry Markowitz
Musician Stephen Bruton
T-Bone Burnett

Profligate and free-living country western singer Bad Blake (Jeff Bridges) seems to have lived his life on his own terms: one night stands and bouts of heavy drinking. Reduced to singing in bars in the remote American Southwest, he meets a young journalist named Jean Craddock (Maggie Gyllenhaal). He becomes flattered by her interest in him, despite the fact that he has thrown away every opportunity in his life to be a success personally and professionally. Yet, even a last chance at love and compassion cannot cause Bad Blake to reform his desperate lifestyle. Even a chance to team up with his former friend Tommy Sweet (Colin Farrell) only makes Bad Blake swallow a bitter pill.
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