Mad Men: Season 3
Lions Gate (2009)
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IMDB   8.7
611 mins USA / English
DVD  Region 1   NR (Not Rated)
Jon Hamm Don Draper
Elisabeth Moss Peggy Olson
Vincent Kartheiser Pete Campbell
January Jones Betty Draper
Christina Hendricks Joan Holloway
Bryan Batt Salvatore Romano
Michael Gladis Paul Kinsey
Aaron Staton Ken Kosgrove
Rich Sommer Harry Crane
John Slattery Roger Sterling
Jared Harris Lane Price
Jay R. Ferguson Stan Rizzo
Robert Morse Bertram Cooper
Jessica Paré Megan Calvet
Christopher Stanley Henry Francis
Kiernan Shipka Sally Draper
Alison Brie Trudy Campbell
Alan Taylor
Tim Hunter
Producer André Jacquemetton
Matthew Weiner
Writer Matthew Weiner
Musician David Carbonara

Set in 1960 New York, MAD MEN reveals the lives of the ruthlessly competitive men and women of Madison Avenue’s “Golden Age”, where key players make the art of the sell while their private lives get sold. And no one plays the game better than Don Draper (Golden Globe®-winner Jon Hamm), the biggest ad man – and ladies man in the business.
 60 mins    8/16/2009  1.  Out of Town
In the third-season opener, Salvatore and Don take a business trip out of town. Pete Campbell and Ken Cosgrove worry about the changes at Sterling-Cooper and how the changes will impact them.
Director:  Phil Abraham  Writer:  Matthew Weiner 
Guest starring:  Joseph Culp
 60 mins    8/23/2009  2.  Love Among the Ruins
Don's father-in-law pays a visit to his daughter's family. Peggy works hard on a campaign while the firm tries to decide if they will accommodate an unusual request from a client. Elsewhere, Roger plans a wedding.
Director:  Lesli Linka Glatter  Writer:  Matthew Weiner  / Cathryn Humphris 
Guest starring:  Bryan Batt, Talia Balsam, Ryan Cutrona,  Embeth Davidtz, Eric Ladin,  Abigail Spencer, Elizabeth Rice, Kevin Cooney, Alexa Alemanni, Derek Ray, Brian Carpenter, Billy Finnigan, Jeremy Scott Johnson
 60 mins    8/30/2009  3.  My Old Kentucky Home
The writers make an attempt to stave off late-night boredom during a mandatory overtime session. Roger throws a party as Joan and Greg host their own party. Sally has a run-in with Grandpa.
Director:  Jennifer Getzinger  Writer:  Matthew Weiner  / Dahvi Waller 
Guest starring:  Bryan Batt, Ryan Cutrona,  Peyton List, Sam Page,  Chelcie RossLaura Regan, Miles Fisher,  Jud Tylor, Judy Kain
 60 mins    9/6/2009  4.  The Arrangements
Don and his father-in-law cross paths. Meanwhile, Peggy is in search of a new roommate; and a rich new client is excited to be doing business with the firm.
Director:  Mike Uppendahl  Writer:  Matthew Weiner  / Andrew Colville 
Guest starring:  Bryan Batt, Ryan Cutrona, Eric Ladin, Carla Gallo, Aaron Stanford, Ryan Cartwright, Crista Flanagan, Sarah Drew, Audrey Wasilewski, Alexa Alemanni
 60 mins    9/13/2009  5.  The Fog
Sally's behavior causes concern for Don and Betty. Betty has an eye-opening dream that has a strange effect on her. Pete tries to work a new business angle in his dealings.
Director:  Phil Abraham  Writer:  Kater Gordon 
Guest starring:  Bryan BattMark Moses, Ryan Cutrona,  Abigail SpencerMatt Bushell, Anne Dudek, Yeardley Smith, Alexa Alemanni
 60 mins    9/20/2009  6.  Guy Walks Into an Advertising Agency
Sterling Cooper receives a surprise visitor; Sally has been spooked by something (or someone); and Joan receives some shocking news.
Director:  Lesli Linka Glatter  Writer:  Matthew Weiner  / Robin Veith 
Guest starring:  Bryan Batt, Crista Flanagan, Sam Page,  Chelcie Ross, Charles Shaughnessy, Jamie Thomas King, Ryan Cartwright, Patrick Cavanaugh, Judy Kain, Alexa Alemanni,  Julie McNiven
 60 mins    9/27/2009  7.  Seven Twenty Three
Betty tries her hand at local politics. Don is forced into thinking about the future. Peggy receives a luxurious gift.
Director:  Daisy von Scherler Mayer  Writer:  Maria Jacquemetton  / André Jacquemetton  / Matthew Weiner 
Guest starring:  Bryan BattMark MosesChelcie Ross, Anne Dudek,  Abigail Spencer, Kristoffer Polaha
 60 mins    10/4/2009  8.  Souvenir
Don decides to include Betty on a company business trip. Pete lends a hand to a neighbor in his apartment building.
Director:  Phil Abraham  Writer:  Matthew Weiner  / Lisa Albert 
Guest starring:  Chelcie Ross, Anne Dudek,  Mark MetcalfJulie McNiven, Nina Rausch
 60 mins    10/11/2009  9.  Wee Small Hours
There is trouble for Don and Sal in giving their clients what they ask for. Meanwhile, Betty hosts a fundraiser.
Director:  Scott Hornbacher  Writer:  Matthew Weiner  / Dahvi Waller 
Guest starring:  Bryan BattChelcie Ross, Anne Dudek,  Abigail SpencerDarren Pettie, Patrick Cavanaugh, Alexa Alemanni
 60 mins    10/18/2009  10.  The Color Blue
The firm celebrates as they hit a milestone. Peggy and Paul compete to secure the same account.
Director:  Michael Uppendahl  Writer:  Matthew Weiner  / Kater Gordon 
Guest starring:  Embeth DavidtzAbigail Spencer, Charles Shaughnessy, Marshall Allman,  Peyton List, Crista Flanagan,  Laura Regan, Ryan Cartwright, Mary Anne McGarry, Alexa Alemanni
 60 mins    10/25/2009  11.  The Gypsy and the Hobo
A former client makes a return; Betty and her kids go on a trip; and Joan and Greg make plans for their future.
Director:  Jennifer Getzinger  Writer:  Marti Noxon  / Matthew Weiner  / Cathryn Humphris 
Guest starring:  Sam Page, Eric Ladin,  Abigail SpencerMary Page Keller, Kristoffer Polaha, Alexa Alemanni
 60 mins    11/1/2009  12.  The Grown Ups
Peggy's taste in men proves questionable. Pete has to make a big decision about his career and a candidate makes a big impression on Don.
Director:  Barbet Schroeder  Writer:  Matthew Weiner  / Brett Johnson 
Guest starring:  Mark Moses, Talia Balsam, Elizabeth Rice, Carla Gallo,  Peyton List, Judy Kain,  Laura ReganJulie McNiven, Alexa Alemanni, Veronica Taylor
 60 mins    11/8/2009  13.  Shut the Door, Have a Seat
Don has a big meeting with Connie about their future relationship. Betty is the beneficiary of some interesting advice and Pete has a serious sit-down with some clients.
Director:  Matthew Weiner  Writer:  Matthew Weiner  / Erin Levy 
Guest starring:  Chelcie Ross, Charles Shaughnessy, Joseph Culp, Ryan Cartwright, Patrick Cavanaugh, J. Patrick McCormack, Alexa Alemanni, Brynn Horrocks
Edition Details
Series Mad Men
Distributor Lions Gate
Release Date 2009
Packaging Keep Case
Screen Ratio Widescreen (1.78:1)
Audio Tracks Dolby Digital 5.1 [English]
No. of Disks/Tapes 4