First Family
Warner Brothers (12/25/1980)
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95 mins USA / English
DVD  Region 1
Bob Newhart President Manfred Link
Gilda Radner Gloria Link
William Sylvester TV Interviewer
Fred Willard Prsidential Assistant Feebleman
Richard Banjamin Press Secretary Bunthorne
Bob Dishy Vice-President Shockley
Bobby Porter Senator from Rhode Island
Madeline Kahn Constance Link
Julius Harris Ambassador Longo
Buck Henry
Writer Buck Henry

This seemed like it couldn't miss--a satire on the First Family with Bob Newhart as the President, Madeline Kahn as a drunk First Lady and First Daughter Gilda Radner as a nymphomaniac. And it was written and directed by Buck Henry. Unfortunately this is a shambles.

The cast is game and does what it can--but the script isn't funny. The jokes are lame and infantile and, at one point, has everybody in ridiculous costumes for a costume party (like that's supposed to be funny). There are a few good moments here and there (that's why I'm giving it a 2) but mostly the movie just lays there. Towards the end it got almost painful to see this talented cast struggling with a lousy script. It's to everybody's credit that they come through this with their dignity intact. You'll notice Bob Newhart or Buck Henry have never even mentioned this film. That should tell you something.
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Release Date 12/25/1980
Packaging Keep Case
No. of Disks/Tapes 1