Fly Fishing With Arthur Oglesby
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42 mins USA / English
DVD  Region 1
Arthur Oglesby himself
Richard Duplock
Andrew Coggins

"Fly Fishing" Volume 2 offers the chance to learn by observation, watching experienced anglers like Arthur Oglesby and his guests catch fish on some of the finest waters in Britain..
The Hatchery - Avington
Arthur Oglesby and Bob Church look at trout that have been reared specifically for Stillwater fisheries.
Boat Fishing - Rutland Water
Arthur and Bob demonstrate two popular methods of boat fishing and discuss the clues to look for in locating fish on large Stillwaters.
Competitive Fly Fishing - Grafham Water
A look at a heat in a major fishing competition.
Grayling - River Eamont
This is rare footage of R.V Reghyni, an angler, writer and a keen fisherman all his life. He was recognised as an authority both on salmon and grayling and is reported to have caught grayling in 107 British rivers. Here he demonstrates the traditional technique of trotting for grayling...
Spring Salmon - River Spey
The life cycle of the Salmon. Arthur explains his methods of spinning for salmon and renowned broadcaster and fisherman Hugh Falkus is seen on this famous river catching a spring salmon.
Autumn Salmon - The Tweed
Arthur shows us how to fish for salmon from a boat and then on a misty autumn day catches his largest ever UK salmon weighing 27 1/2pounds.
Casting Techiques
Arthur demonstrates casting techniques with a double-handed salmon rod, including the basic Overhead Cast, the Roll Cast, the Single Handed Spey Cast and the Double Spey Cast.
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Release Date 6/11/2004
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