I Was A Teenage Werewolf
Columbia Pictures (6/19/1957)
Horror, Science Fiction
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IMDB   4.5
76 mins USA / English
DVD  Region 1   UR (Unrated)
Malcolm Atterbury Charles Rivers
Whit Bissell Dr. Alfred Brandon
Larry Carr Diving guy
Herman Cohen Man with crime scene photos
Dorothy Crehan Mrs. Mary Logan
Robert Griffin Police Chief P.F. Baker
S. John Launer Bill Logan
Michael Landon Tony Rivers / Teenage Werewolf
Louise Lewis Miss Ferguson
Yvonne Lime Arlene Logan
Eddie Marr Doyle a Reporter
Tony Marshall Jimmy
Joseph Mell Dr. Hugo Wagner
Ken Miller Vic the Bongo Player
Barney Phillips Det. Sgt. Donovan
Dawn Richard Theresa
Cindy Robbins Peral
Michael Rougas Frank
Gene Fowler
Gene Fowler Jr.
Producer Herman Cohen
Writer Aben Kandel
Herman Cohen
Ralph Thornton

Michael Landon, contrary to what some believe, never downplayed his connection to this film for it gave him his start in show business. He may at first have had doubts about being connected with it with the initial uproar, which is why he turned down the chance to play the werewolf a second time, but after that, he never bad-mouthed the film. In fact, he paid homage to it on a Halloween episode of "Highway to Heaven."

Anyway, the acting is good all around with standout performances by Landon and Whit Bissell. The "science" used to turn Tony into the monster may be silly today, but in the 1950's, there were a lot of talk and film plots about past-life regression following the Bridey Murphy newspaper accounts (also used in THE SHE-CREATURE). Again you had to live in the 1950's to understand all this. Philip Scheer's werewolf makeup is one of the better pre-Howling/American Werewolf ones in movie history and while the transformation scene isn't as good as in THE WOLF MAN or THE WEREWOLF, the director did not have a lot of money or time to work with and did a good job considering.

A film has to be pretty good, even with a low budget, to be as successful as this one was...and to remain a cult favorite 45 years later. It has stood the test of time and deserves to be considered a classic of its kind.
Edition Details
Release Date 6/19/1957
Packaging Keep Case
Screen Ratio Fullscreen (4:3)
Audio Tracks Stereo [English]
No. of Disks/Tapes 1

A troubled teenager seeks help through hypnotherapy, but his evil doctor uses him for regression experiments that transform him into a rampaging werewolf.