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Buena Vista (2000)
Horror, Mystery, Science Fiction
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IMDB   7.5
104 mins USA / English
DVD  Region 1
Julianne Nicholson Marian Kitt
Gabriel Macht Dr. Mark Gabriel
Missy Crider Ellen Polaski
Bill Cobbs Elmer Greentree
John Billingsley Prof. Miles Ballard
Kevin J. O'Connor Warren Day
John Aylward Albert McGonagle
Nicole Kidman Grace
Keith Allen Mr. Marlish
James Bentley Nicholas
Elaine Cassidy Lydia
Christopher Eccleston Charles
Fionnula Flanagan Mrs. Mills
Alakina Mann Anne
Gordon Reid Assistant
Eric Sykes Mr. Tuttle
Michelle Fairley Mrs. Marlish
Katerina Gavala Sheena
Nicole Kidman|Christopher Eccleston
William Malone
Alejandro Amenábar
James Lima
Producer Sarah Caplan
Tom Cruise
Jose Luis Cuerda
Writer John D. Brancato
Daniel Arkin
Alejandro Amenábar
Cinematography Javier Aguirresarobe
Musician Alejandro Amenábar

Grace lives in a mansion in Jersey with her two children. She awaits her husband who is returning from fighting abroad in the Second World War. The children Anne and Nicholas have a sort of light sensitive disorder. Grace enforces a strict policy around the house to ensure they are kept away from the light and out of harms way. Everything seems peaceful but all is not what it seems. People have to close the door they entered from before opening another door to the next room. The house is haunted and three mysterious servants are given jobs at the house. Secrets unfold, there is a fire and Grace realizes something terrifying.
 60 mins    2/5/2000  1.  Pilot
College student Marian moves into the dormitory room where a young woman recently died and senses an alarming supernatural force as she reluctantly turns to the Others -- a small but diverse group of people dedicated to analyzing their extrasensory abilities -- who urge her to embrace her ""fearsome talent."" But she soon discovers that whatever gift of insight she possesses is both a blessing and a curse that puts her life in danger, forcing her to appeal to a famed medium, an empathic medical intern and a New Age ""sensitive"" among the Others.
Director:  Mick Garris  Writer:  John Brancato  / Michael Ferris 
Guest starring:  Sylvia Short, Malin Ackerman, John-Patrick Mavric, Steven McCarthy, Gretchen Cleevely, Cynthia Garris
 60 mins    2/12/2000  2.  Unnamed
While Elmer senses a dreadful dark force on the horizon, Satori tries to help the single mother whose young son has been missing for three years - and whose ethereal presence is suddenly felt by both women. Aware of the unknown power that opposes them, Elmer and the Others need Marian's supernatural gifts to counter the unseen evil that they believe is responsible for the boy's abduction.
Director:  Brian Trenchard-Smith  Writer:  John Brancato  / Michael Ferris 
Guest starring:  Jenny Gago, J.T. Larsen, J.E. Freeman, Brian Britt,  Zachary Quinto, Damon Saleem, Mike Griff, Eric Leviton
 60 mins    2/19/2000  3.  Eyes
A vain and egotistical man decides on laser surgery to correct his eyesight, but after the first operation begins to see horrific apparitions which threaten his sanity. Meanwhile, Marian puzzles over Albert's enigmatic past until she unwittingly begins to share his nightly vision of the TET Offensive maneuver that cost his eyesight.
Director:  William Malone  Writer:  James Wong  / Glen Morgan 
Guest starring:  Jim Pirri,  George Wyner, Alma Avery, Saemi Nakamura, Steve Tom, Janet Tracy Keuser, Ethel Lee,  Evan Jones, Sybil Azur, Walter Phelan, Ted Smith, Janet Tracy Keijser
 60 mins    2/26/2000  4.  Souls On Board
Just as the Others board a plane to Sedona, Arizona for a psychic conference, they learn that an inquisitive Miles purposely booked them on the same flight path previously occupied by an aircraft that recently crashed, and the harrowing activities they witness are thought to be somehow linked to parts salvaged from the wreckage -- and recycled onto their jetliner. As the Others react to the sight of tormented faces pressed against the outside windows and through the cabin walls, Marian has a strange encounter with the captain of the doomed crew, who has an urgent message only Miles can decipher.
Guest starring:  David Stifel, Rachel Wilson, Diane Salinger, Casey Lluberes,  Annie Kitral, Clement E. Black, Kevin Vickey, Adam Gierasch, Dennis Bendersky, Phyllis Ehrlich, Ray Laska,  Dale Dye
 60 mins    3/4/2000  5.  1112
The group helps a woman grieving for her child and husband killed in a car accident--a process complicated when they discover that the husband is not yet dead.
Director:  Bill Condon  Writer:  James Wong  / Glen Morgan 
Guest starring:  Christina Haag, Ted Marcoux, Wanda Lee Evans, Michael Leopard, Becky Wahlstrom, Sybil Azur, Louise Rapport, Cherry Petty, Alyson Croft, Lyle Kanouse
 60 mins    3/11/2000  6.  Luciferous
As an unsure Marian considers withdrawing from the Others, she moves into a new apartment that harbors a vague yet sinister force hiding in the wallpaper intent on scaring her enough to ignore her supernatural gift, but she is more concerned to learn that some of the Others appear to be stalking her. Meanwhile, Mark is tormented by the responsibility of his empathic abilities and can find relief only in the arms of Satori, but they are prevented from becoming physically intimate because proximity causes their environment to explode.
Director:  Mick Garris  Writer:  James Wong  / Glen Morgan 
Guest starring:  Paul Schackman, Al Leong, Barbara Kerr Condon, Sybil Azur, Sharmila Devar, Cody Kasch
 60 mins    3/18/2000  7.  Theta
Marian thinks joining a sorority will help her regain some normalcy in her life -- until she learns one of the sisters is under psychic attack. She befriends troubled college coed Jenny, who is plagued by chronic panic attacks of horrifying visions from her childhood that become more physically forceful and threaten her bewildered Theta sorority sisters. Marian recruits the help of the Others, who suspect that the Theta house is haunted based on a murder on the same grounds long ago, but wise old Elmer deduces that something evil from the young woman's painful past is intruding with harmful intent. This turns out to be her imprisoned father, shot by Jenny as a child when he murdered her mother and now bent on revenge.
Director:  Tom McLoughlin  Writer:  Fred Golan 
Guest starring:  Jeanette Broz, Anastasia Horne, Jill Bennett, Jude Ciccolfia, Javier Grajeda, Ming Lo, Lisa Gerberg, Amber Farris, Gabrielle Union,  Jude Ciccolella
 60 mins    3/25/2000  8.  Don't Dream It's Over
A restless Mark is disturbed by his continuing dreams where he falls in love with Mary Jane, a mysterious beautiful woman from 19th-century London who also sees Mark only in her dreams. Ignoring Elmer's stern advice to stop his dalliance or risk his own destruction, a sheepish Mark asks love struck Marian to help him channel through to his would-be lover. Then an Internet search by Miles reveals that Mary Jane Kelly was the last victim of Jack the Ripper.
Director:  Mick Garris 
Guest starring:  Tushka Bergen, John Vickery,  Aubrey Morris, Clive Barker, Jill C. Klein, David Jean-Thomas, Rochelle Leffer, James N. Gale, Floyd Van Buskirk
 60 mins    4/22/2000  9.  The Ones That Lie in Wait
On a stormy night, the seers are terrorized by the Rabisu, an ""entrance demon"" who invades Elmer's house and preys on their minds with the repeated question: ""What do you want?""
Director:  Thomas J. Wright  Writer:  James Wong  / Glen Morgan 
Guest starring:  Joe J. Garcia, Kristen Cloke, Sharmila Devar
 60 mins    4/29/2000  10.  Till Then
Elmer wrestles with his distant past as an American serviceman based in Britain during World War II whose special psychic gifts were employed even then to help doomed flyers ""get to the other side"" -- but there was one who refused to go, and his fate is now intertwined with that of a downed American pilot who is lost in the Iraqi desert. As time winds down before the pilot is captured, Elmer enlists the help of Marian to lock on to the pilot's position while the regretful old man confronts a spirit that might be lost forever -- and a very surprisingly other visitant.
Director:  Bryan Spicer  Writer:  James Wong  / Glen Morgan 
Guest starring:  Thomas Silcott, Daniel Alexander, Mary Fortuna
 60 mins    5/6/2000  11.  $4.95 a Minute
A phony, cash-poor psychic calling himself ""Simeon Nye"" is frightened when his disastrous visions of his clients' futures begin to come true, so he seeks help from his more serious competition -- Satori -- who agrees to aid the bewildered man when she discovers he also inexplicably functions as a medium to her long-dead father (through their agreed-upon code word ""Kermit""). But Satori learns that the charlatan has unknowingly summoned an angry spirit -- the ghost of the real Simeon Nye -- and if she renders assistance in ridding him of it, she will lose the chance to satisfy her dream of communicating with her dad.
Director:  Sanford Bookstaver  Writer:  Richard Whitley 
Guest starring:  Chet Grissom, James Morrison, Darin Morgan, Randy Stone, Paul Hayes, Carolyn Field, Jody Fasanella
 60 mins    5/13/2000  12.  Life is For the Living
In the season (and series) finale, Elmer is mysteriously brought back from the dead, and as he recovers, he again senses the presence of entrance demons -- specifically the beckoning and beautiful woman who stalks him from the other side -- and fears for the ""Others"" when each one gains something highly desirable. The old man warns his friends not to be deceived by the false reality when Miles is offered a prestigious professorship, Marian finds a kindred spirit roommate, and Satori and Mark find they can embrace each other without fear.
Director:  Thomas J. Wright  Writer:  Daniel Arkin 
Guest starring:  Kristen Cloke, Wendy Moniz, Mary Gillis, Jonathan Levit,  Michael Ensign, Al Leong, Niall Padding, Debra Azar, Amy Bryden, Victoria Gallegos, Donna Marie Moore
 60 mins    6/10/2000  13.  Mora
When three emergency room patients die mysteriously all at once under his care, Mark clashes with his father, a hospital board member, over his contention that he saw several tiny snake-like creatures in the equipment -- but neither is unaware of the sinister force present that coincides with the arrival of a sickly elderly woman. Elmer, Marian and the rest of the ""Others"" rush to help Mark after he is struck down by a phantom illness, and they discover that the missing link might be the geriatric female patient who is deathly fearful of ""the Mora,"" fearsome monsters from Eastern European folklore. When they find talismanic fetishes under the beds of the deceased patients, the Others' suspicions focus on the Russian janitor, but he turns out to be attempting to ward off the evil. The old woman turns out to be a 110-year-old former ballet star who fled the Russian Revolution, leaving her infant son behind, and who is afraid to die until she learns what happened to her son; the Mora are,
Director:  Jake Paltrow  Writer:  John Brancato  / Michael Ferris 
Guest starring:  Marian Seldes, Stephen Macht, David Moses, Serena Berman, Strawn Bovee, Endre Hules, Elizabeth Liebel, Peggy Miley
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