Beverly Hills Chihuahua
Buena Vista (2008)
Adventure, Comedy, Family
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IMDB   3.6
91 mins USA / English
DVD  Region 1
Drew Barrymore Chloe
Piper Perabo Rachel Ashe Lynn
Andy Garcia Delgado
George Lopez Papi
Cheech Marin Manuel
Paul Rodriguez Chico
Placido Domingo Monte
Edward James Olmos Diablo
Loretta Devine Delta
Jamie Lee Curtis Aunt Viv
Luis Guzman Chucho
Eddie Sotelo Rafa
Carlos Juvera Tomás
Alex Mendoza Frightened Terrier/Gang Leader Bull Dog
Lombardo Boyar Praying Dog
Jon Molerio Fight Mutt #1/Gang Dog #1
Margo Reymundo Carthay Hotel Pekingese
Lisa Marie Quillinan Carthay Hotel Poodle
Raja Gosnell
Producer David Hoberman
John Jacobs
Todd Lieberman
Louanne Brickhouse
Writer Jeffrey Bushell
Analisa LaBianco
Cinematography Phil Meheux
Musician Heitor Pereira

Aunt Vivian (Jamie Lee Curtis) leaves her beloved chihuahua Chloe (Drew Barrymore) in the care of her careless niece Rachel (Piper Perabo). Chloe is accustomed to a typical Beverly Hills life of expensive food, trainers, groomers, a would-be suitor named Papi, and the glitz of belonging to one of the very rich and famous. Rachel leaves with friend to journey to Mexico to enjoy the wildlife, neglecting Chloe's busy schedule of playdates and grooming. Chloe resents her sudden demotion in attention and runs away, eventually being captured by dog fighters. She befriends a German Shepherd, Delgado (Andy Garcia), who rescues her and helps her to be reunited with Rachel.
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