Great Gatsby
Paramount Pictures (1974)
Drama, Romance
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IMDB   6.2
146 mins USA / English
DVD  Region 1
Mia Farrow Daisy Buchanan
Robert Redford Jay Gatsby
Karen Black Myrtle Wilson
Lois Chiles Jordan Baker
Bruce Dern Tom Buchanan
Scott Wilson George Wilson
Sam Waterston Nick Carraway
Howard Da Silva Meyer Wolfsheim
Roberts Blossom Mr. Gatz
Edward Herrmann Klipspringer
Arthur Hughes Dog Vendor
Kathryn Leigh Scott Catherine
Beth Porter Mrs. McKee
Paul Tamarin Mr. McKee
Jack Clayton
Producer Hank Moonjean
David Merrick
Writer Francis Ford Coppola
F. Scott Fitzgerald
Cinematography Douglas Slocombe

Great Gatsby is a film adaptation of the famous literary work of the same name. This film is the story of the aristocratic Jay Gatsby (Robert Redford) who becomes friends with another extremely wealthy family and their newest acquaintance Nick Carraway (Sam Waterston). Nick is an uprooted Midwesterner who has moved to Long Island to find success and true love. Carraway greatly admires Gatsby’s wealth and tries to become a close personal friend to him. He grows to learn that Gatsby is not at all who he thought he was and is as troubled as anyone he has ever met; his life is consumed by greed and obsession as he his jailed in a prison of his materialism and superficiality.
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