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For those of you who flunked latin, it's Superbowl 46
Sunday, February 5th, 2012


Once again, "Casa Deliscioso" is preparing a day to remember.

Starting this year with a 'premium' breakfast of biscuits and sausage gravy with all the trimmings and not stopping till the sun comes up Monday morning.  Our staff at "Casa Deliscioso" has already started preparing the goodies for everyone to devour.  Several staff members are driving around the area daily, looking for suitable road kill...  As usual, the desert tray will be filled with unimaginable ice creams and treats.
Of course, trained medical staff will be on hand to administer espresso iv's, oxygen for those who are hyperventilating, treat bruised egos and vocal chords and care for any other game related injuries.

Due to the unusually large turnout last year, "
Casa Deliscioso" is instituting a ticket reservations plan... 

NEW THIS YEAR:  Service and game viewing will also be available on our
newly remodeled "East Terrace", with a more natural, tailgate or stadium style motif.
Superbowl 2012 Tickets:


Premium Package:
(includes valet parking, breakfast, The game, Premium Gameday Buffet & Deserts)
$65 USD
(Stadium 50 yard line & Luxury Box)
Front Row Center, Drink Service, Hospitality Package


Standard Game Day Package:
(The game,
Premium Gameday Buffet and deserts)
$45 USD
(Stadium Sections D - K)
Inside Mezzanine Level Seating


Bleachers Game Day Package:
(Standing Room or "Al Fresco" Seating For The game,
Premium Gameday Buffet and deserts)
$30 USD
(Stadium Sections D - K)
Inside Nosebleed Level SRO Or Outside "Al Fresco" Seating Area

Please Note Game Day Regulations Listed Below  ( Click Here )


 Luxury Box  (Class Y)          $65

 Gameday Mezzanine  Seating  (Class M)          $45

 Bleachers, SRO & Outside Seating  (Class X)          $30
These tickets will be available day of the game only, limited to space available.

 Kitchen Staff / Bartenders / Bouncers   (No Class Whatsoever)

Reserve your seating arrangements NOW,
(click here) to email your request



Super Bowl Game Day Regulations:

Every person attending Super Bowl XLVI at Casa Deliscioso is required to have a ticket, regardless of age or size.

Screening Procedures for Those Attending Super Bowl XLVI:   Security screening on gameday begins at 11:00 a.m. (main Casa Deliscioso entrance only) and  9:15 p.m. at all other entrances.   Please come early to avoid delays and to expedite the entrance of all spectators.   Security screening at Casa Deliscioso will be significantly heightened for the Super Bowl.  Many items usually permitted in NFL events will not be allowed into the Super Bowl.  The National Football League and the Los Cabos Police Department strongly recommend that spectators minimize the number and size of all items carried into Casa Deliscioso.  All items carried by spectators will be carefully inspected and potentially not allowed into Casa Deliscioso.  Spectators are urged to bring nothing larger than a very small purse or bag full of cash.  The NFL, Casa Deliscioso and the Los Cabos Police Department will not hold prohibited or excluded items for spectators.


  • Full Cans and Bottles  (Especially of an alcoholic nature)
  • Food or Appetizers if arranged with the staff at Casa Deliscioso
  • Crazy Foam Fingers, Hats, Banners and Assorted Noisemakers


  • Weapons, Knives, Explosives and Fireworks
  • Camcorders
  • Laser Lights and Pointers
  • Baby Strollers, Shopping Carts or other forms of habitation
  • Inflatables  such as: Beach Balls, Pool Floats, Sex Dolls, etc.
  • Throwing Objects (Footballs, Baseballs, Medicine Balls, Japanese Stars, etc.)
  • Poles, Sticks and Light Sabers
  • Large Bags including:  Backpacks, Duffel and Grocery Bags, Luggage
  • Animals (Except Service Animals, which require approval and special credentials)

Additional Information:

Cameras and Binoculars -- Small cameras and binoculars will be allowed. Camera cases and binocular cases of any size are prohibited.  No spectator cameras with lenses over six inches (6") long will be permitted.  Again, camcorders will be prohibited.

Electronic devices -- Spectators shall not bring electronic devices of any sort into Casa Deliscioso.  Electronic devices include, but are not limited to, cellular telephones, pagers, miniature televisions and radios, and personal digital assistants (PDA's).  Electronic devices found to be in use during the Superbowl will be confiscated and immediately destroyed.  A special area has been designated for the emergency usage of electronic devices...  please ask if needed.

Prohibited items and items determined to be not appropriate for entry into Casa Deliscioso will be the responsibility of the ticket holder and cannot be accepted or checked by the NFL, Casa Deliscioso or the Los Cabos Police Department.  We urge spectators to secure these items in vehicles or hotel rooms.   The cooperation, patience and understanding of spectators is greatly appreciated by the National Football League, Casa Deliscioso and the Los Cabos Police Department.  The cooperation of all spectators will greatly aid in the level of security provided to all in attendance at these events.

Tanks Youze!